Gorgeous Japanese Silk Album from Diane

  1. Christmas Deadlines 2014

    It’s that time of year again! Our holiday deadlines are set to guarantee delivery on or before Dec 24th. If you order your album (USA only) anytime after Thanksgiving (Nov 28), we highly recommend drop-shipping to your client to guarantee delivery.

    Standard Orders – December 2nd by Midnight EST*

    To drop ship your album, simply change the “shipping” address. We never include any invoices or information along with the album. 

    Please note: this does not apply for international orders.  USPS and customs can tend to take longer.  For international orders, we recommend ordering albums November 18th or sooner.

    Rush orders – December 9th by Midnight EST*

    Any orders rushed (fee applies) and spreads uploaded by 11:59pm EST on December 9th will be shipped and delivered by December 24th*.  This also does not apply for international orders.

    Winter Break

    Due to the fact that all of our team will be working extra hard to get your albums shipped before Christmas, our company will be closed from December 24th through January 1st. For this reason, orders placed after the deadline will continue in production the 1st week of January. Expect those orders to ship within 5 weeks of ordering.

    *Orders must be submitted with zero issues (design flaws, incorrectly sized spreads, order mistakes, etc). If you’re new to RedTree or prone to making a few occasional mistakes, get those books in a few days early to play it safe.

  2. Interview with Forged in the North Photography

    Next up in our interview series is Forged in the North Photography, formerly Ryan and Heidi Studio. They do fabulous work and we know you’ll appreciate their talent and expertise in the business. Enjoy!


    Tell us a little about yourself and your passion / business

    We’re really designers at heart, being formally trained in architecture. Photography has allowed us to exercise our creativity, but just in a much more instant manor than architecture. We really enjoy meeting cool couples and traveling to interesting or remote places to shoot them. Finishing a project with beautiful images, that we’re really proud of, is really fulfilling.


    Tell us about your style

    We try to make our work romantic, emotive, and have a strong sense of place. We often shoot in remote / natural settings, and since our formal training is in architecture, we love playing around with compositions in urban areas as well. Textures, lines, and negative space influence us quite a bit when we’re shooting. But most of all, we like to just have fun and do our best to capture the love of the couples we work with.


    Where do you find inspiration?

    Architecture, cinematographers, and fashion.


    How did you get started in Photography?

    After college, we both bought our first cameras and started shooting for fun. Some friends asked us to shoot their engagements / weddings and it just snowballed from there. We’ve been in love with it ever since.


    Was there a point when you decided to take a big risk to move forward?

    It really never felt like a big risk. We were neck-deep in photography work when we left our previous careers in architecture. A large part of the decision to go full time into photography was the lifestyle of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and having more control over what you do day-to-day.


    What do you think was one of the keys to your success?

    One of the biggest things was shooting a lot for very little or no money early on. You have to take the initiative to shoot the couples or styles similar to what you want to get hired for. The good work doesn’t come in by chance – it takes a lot of set up to get to that point.


    What does a typical day look like for you? 

    When we’re not traveling for shoots, we are typically editing all day from home. We often meet with clients in the evening. Sneaking in an episode of Mad Men at lunch is always nice too.


    What are your 3 favorite pieces of equipment?

    Polaroid 680, Canon 45mm Tilt-Shift, and RED Epic


    If you knew then (when you started) what you know now what would you do differently?

    We would probably scrutinize all the photos we show online even more.


    How does RedTree Albums help you serve your clients better?

    RedTree is instrumental to our business. We keep a few albums at our studio to show prospective clients. The material and print quality is so good, they are always impressed with them. In an age of everything being digital, its nice to have the option of getting a beautiful, tactile, keepsake of your wedding.


    How do you design your albums, what software do you use?

    We’ve used Adobe InDesign in the past, but are transitioning over to Smart Albums now to speed up the workflow.


    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    We would like to keep a nice balance of wedding and commercial work, and use the jobs we get as excuses to travel and explore parts of the world we’ve never seen.


  3. Fabric Albums by Love and Water Photography

    Love and Water Photography recently blogged some great photos of their fabric albums and shared some encouraging words about why they chose RedTree. We’re grateful to serve great clients!

    “I’m very picky about our packaging and products, which has led me to try all different companies when sourcing wedding albums for our clients. We take packaging and presentation seriously and want to ensure our clients receive the heirloom items they are paying for. I’ve used four different album suppliers over the past three years, and was unhappy with each. Either their products lacked the quality and finish we were after, or the customer service was lacking which was disappointing more than anything – we spent a lot of money on album samples and to not see a positive result at the end was frustrating.

    When I found RedTree albums I knew we had to order a sample album, I watched videos of the products on YouTube and flipped through the website endlessly. When it was time to take the plunge I was really drawn to the ease of the ordering system. When you place an order, the whole cost of your product is calculated before checkout making it easy to know what you’re paying for. It’s a really easy ordering system. When we received the albums themselves they were securely packaged, and once we opened up the box I fell in love! I loved how there’s no gutter between the pages, giving the albums a sleek look, and the pages are substantial, not clunky, and really make you want to take your time flipping them to enjoy what each spread offers. Album design was really easy as well with the free templates. When I did have a query, it was responded to straightaway and the staff were super helpful and friendly, and really left an impression. I don’t go out of my way to write reviews on companies I’m not 100% satisfied with and am so thrilled to have finally found an album company I can see ourselves sticking with for a long time!”

    IMG_0761 IMG_0779 IMG_0783 IMG_0788 IMG_0791 IMG_0790 IMG_0818

  4. Alan Abrams Wedding Albums

    Alan Abrams posted some great images of some recent wedding albums a while back and offered some kind words. He even went so far as to call this his “dead sexy” collection. Enjoy!

    “When I began my search for the perfect album company a few years back, I went into it with a few “must haves”. These were things that I felt I couldn’t live without, to the point where not having them would be a deal breaker for me.

    The search took several days. Company after company was eliminated for not being able to meet my needs in one way or another.

    That was, until I came across Red Tree. As I scrolled through the website, all I can remember is checking off boxes one by one. The books were gorgeous. They had a very modern design and the workmanship was excellent. The way they finish the corners on the album cover was the best I had seen. The albums came in a variety of colors and cover materials, including white! They also offered cameo covers and the ability to add embossed text. More importantly I could get everything I needed from ONE source. This was huge!

    The decision to use Red Tree as my wedding album supplier is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Once I made the decision, I never looked back and I’ve never regretted choosing them to be my album company. The albums are beautiful, turnaround times have been quick, and customer service is second to none. As corny as it sounds there is always a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line. More importantly, my clients absolutely love them. I’ve had wedding clients who have come in not planning on purchasing an album and end up adding one to their collection after seeing a Red Tree sample album. I was a bit surprised the first few times that happened. Now it’s almost expected. When clients see a Red Tree album, they want a Red Tree album.”


    stone_leather_04 stone_leather_03 stone_leather_02 sample_03 stone_leather_01 sample_02 sample_01 photo_wrap_04 photo_wrap_01 photo_wrap_02 black_silk_03 black_silk_02 black_silk_01

  5. Interview with Kristen Lynne Photography

    We’re changing it up a little here on the blog. We serve incredible clients with incredible talent and instead of just featuring our clients photos of their albums, we thought we would feature our clients themselves and share a bit about them and their work.

    To kick off this new series, meet Kristen of Kristen Lynne Photography. She is a Fine Art Wedding and Portrait photographer based in Virginia. She is extremely talented and we hope you enjoy learning a little about who she is and her business.


    Tell us a little about yourself and your passion / business.

    I am a third generation photographer. Most of what I know I learned from my parents and my own studies inside and outside of the classroom. I’m humbled and honored to be able to work with the most amazing couples to capture their special wedding day. I’m passionate about working with my clients to create beautiful images for them. I also love women’s portraiture and boudoir. There is nothing better than to make a woman see how beautiful she truly is and empower her! This is very rewarding as a photographer.  


    Tell us about your style.

    I feel that my style is light, romantic, and soft. I’m a hybrid shooter, so I shoot both film and digital. I think that film is the perfect medium to allow me to capture the aesthetic that I’m after. I also want my style to look effortless. I’m a very laid back person and I tend to attract those types of clients. Each photo session is an adventure. I do think ahead and plan for certain things, but it’s always interested to see where each photo session takes me!

    storyboard-2 storyboard-4

    Where do you find inspiration?

    My inspiration comes from all around me! I am constantly in awe and inspired by other photographers. A few of my favorites are Jose Villa, KT Merry, Sue Bryce, Elizabeth Messina, Erich McVey, and many others. I also get a lot of inspiration from my surroundings. When I arrive at a location I’m inspired by the light, architecture, flowers/gardens, scenery… In Virginia it’s easy to look in every direction and be inspired by something!


    How did you get started in Photography?

    Growing up my parents were always into photography. Over the years they purchased nicer cameras and they eventually started their own business. I loved to borrow their cameras and go up into the mountains to take pictures. On vacations I was asking questions, learning about photography. Not long after I married the love of my life, we got the cutest golden retriever puppy you ever saw! Now that I was on my own, I didn’t have access to my parent’s amazing camera gear! I decided that I wanted to save up and get my own professional camera to document our new little family. People started asking me to take photos for them, and before I knew it I had my own business too!


    Was there a point when you decided to take a big risk to move forward?

    Yes. Recently as a matter of fact. I went to college at George Mason University and got my bachelor’s in nursing. I was working full time as an RN in the operating room and I had my part time photography business on the side. Eventually the business started to pick up and the weekend on-call hours at the hospital started to infringe on my photography time. I cut back to part-time at the hospital but after a year of part-time I decided to take the plunge and dedicate all my time to the business. I think it was the best decision I’ve made since starting my photography business! I’m incredibly blessed to have the support of my husband and family.

    storyboard-5 storyboard-8

    What do you think was one of the keys to your success?

    Perseverance. Don’t ever give up. It is so easy in this industry to compare yourself to the masses of other photographers and think, “I’ll never be that good.” I spent a LOT of time reading books, online blogs, seeking out advice from other photographers, doing workshops, practicing with my camera, taking online courses, taking college classes at a local community college, second shooting/assisting for free, etc. You have to keep pressing into it. I strive to continually learn and improve.


    What does a typical day look like for you?

    In the morning I check and answer emails. If I’m getting ready for a photo shoot I am charging batteries, cleaning gear, formatting cards, etc. If it is the Monday after a wedding I’m usually getting the film ready to send to the lab. If I’ve just received film back from the lab I am editing the digitals to match the film. I will write a blog post for the day (although I try to write a bunch of blog posts at one time and schedule them for different days). Then I take care of other “business” things like updating client’s files, paying sales tax, making phone calls, placing print orders, entering things into Quickbooks, filing receipts, etc. Then in the evening I check my emails one last time. I like to get back to my clients within 12-24 hours. One thing I love about owning my photography business is each day is different!

    storyboard-6 storyboard-3 storyboard-7

    What are your 3 favorite pieces of equipment?

    My favorite piece of equipment has to be my Contax 645 paired with the Zeiss 80mm f/2 lens. This is my medium format film camera and it is sweet! Then next in line would be my Canon 5D MkIII camera and my 50mm f/1.2 & 85mm f/1.2 lenses. These are my staples.


    If you knew then (when you started) what you know now what would you do differently?

    I would have charged more for my sessions when I started out. When photographers are just getting their start they don’t feel like they can justify charging much, if anything at all. But the truth is, you can! I decided to spend my first year in business building up my portfolio and I felt like I needed to give people a “deal.” The only problem was, I ended up building a client base that was in a completely different price bracket than what I wanted to end up in. I found myself raising my prices and having to rebuild my client base. My previous clients didn’t value photography enough to pay what I was charging after my “portfolio period” ended.


    How does RedTree Albums help you serve your clients better?

    I want to provide the best for my clients. I feel like they are investing a lot with me and I want to give them something to reflect their level of investment. It is always my goal to give them amazing customer service, but I also want to leave them with something amazing in hand. I feel that RedTree’s albums are phenominal. The quality is evident as soon as you pick on of their albums up. I love that their albums are a fusion of classic and modern. I love the various fabrics, colors, and options for customizing like the debossing and cameo cutouts. When my clients get their RedTree album, they know they have something special.

    storyboard-10 storyboard-9

    How do you design your albums, what software do you use?

    This is something that I’ve been “playing with” lately. I was using Photojunction and was fairly happy with it. However, one of my favorite software companies (BlogStomp) recently came out with a new software program called “AlbumStomp.” I’m anxious to try it!!!


    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I want to eventually specialize in fine art Weddings that are held at private estates and wineries/vineyards. I find that those types of venues are extremely inspiring for me. I’d also like to exclusively shoot film, or at least 90% film. I’m always working to shoot more film and less digital. Another HUGE goal of mine is to one day have my own natural light studio on my property.

    KristenLynnPhoto_24 KristenLynnPhoto_23

  6. Kind Words from Elissa R. Photography

    Elissa of Elissa R. Photography  recently blogged about her RedTree albums and offered these kind words. Thanks so much Elissa!

    “I absolutely love albums. People are sensory creatures — we love to touch things, and I think it’s so important to have important things printed and felt. I 100% believe that holding, touching, and holding heirloom-quality books of wedding photos is such an amazing feeling, and the best way to store favorite photos from someone’s wedding day. I chose RedTree because when I saw a sample RedTree album, it looked luxurious; and when I felt one, it felt significant. I’ve held a lot of plasticky-feeling albums, or lightweight albums that seem flimsy or easy to tear, but the RedTree I first handled just felt right.


    I offer RedTree albums to my clients because I have confidence that they’ll last throughout generations. They feel sturdy, the prints are gorgeous and crystal-clear, and the cover options are so classic that I know the album won’t look too dated in fifty years.


    One of my favorite things to do is to hand-deliver the couple’s album and watch them go through it for the first time. Even if they’ve looked at their photos a thousand times on the computer screen, their eyes light up when they feel their photos in their hands.”


    If you’re looking for a photographer in the Austin, TX area, definitely look her up!

    elissa-r-photography-redtree-1 elissa-r-photography-redtree-3 elissa-r-photography-redtree-4 elissa-r-photography-redtree-6 elissa-r-photography-redtree-7 austin-wedding-album-007 austin-wedding-album-006 austin-wedding-album-005 austin-wedding-album-002 austin-wedding-album-001

  7. Heirloom Albums by Amy Little Photography

    Many thanks to Amy Little Photography who recently blogged about her latest sample album and why it’s important for every client of hers to receive their memories in print. Here are some shots of her 10×10 Pagoda leather album. Thanks again Amy!


    Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0023 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0019 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0018 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0017 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0014 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0010 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0008 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0006 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0004 Amy_Little_Photography_RedTree_Album_0003

  8. New Products Now Available!

    albums_0293 albums_0310 albums_0254 albums_0295

    We’re excited to officially announce that our new products are now available for purchase! These new products include, as previously mentioned, matted folios, matted folio albums, wooden presentation boxes, and coastal linen fabrics. We’re super excited about these new offerings and we think you will absolutely love them.

    We also have a couple of other upgrades that are now available including white endsheets and semi-matte photo paper! Thanks to everyone who has let us know how we can make our products better and how we can serve you best. We love hearing from you!

    You may be asking:

    • Is debossing and custom debossing available on the new Folios and Matted Folio Albums? Yes!
    • Can I use my studio die on the new Folios and Matted Folio Albums? Yes!
    • Is custom engraving available on the wooden presentation boxes? Almost. Engraving will be available mid-May along with additional box sizes.
    • What if I recently purchased a swatch kit? Can I get an upgrade that includes the new coastal fabrics? Yes! If you purchased your swatch kit in 2014 you can get an upgraded coastal linen sheet free of charge! Details on new swatches coming in May.

    If you are a professional photographer who is not currently registered with us, please register to view pricing and additional info. We hope you love this new line-up!

  9. Timeless wedding albums by Studio Elle

    Renee from Studio Elle recently blogged about the addition of RedTree Albums to her wedding packages. We loved her sentiments about the thrill of “seeing your photos come to life in print.” as well as seeing “the whole story unfold from start-to-finish in a personalized wedding album.” We couldn’t agree more! Here are a few of her shots of a recent sample album.

    StudioEllePhotography_0019(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0011(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0016(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0015(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0006(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0005(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0003(pp_w790_h526) StudioEllePhotography_0002(pp_w790_h526)

  10. New Things Coming in mid-April!

    albums_0292 albums_0290 albums_0287 albums_0283 albums_0298 albums_0274 albums_0257 albums_0250 albums_0244 albums_0236 albums_0229 albums_0227 albums_0109

    First of all, let us just say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth at WPPI. It was so great to see and meet so many of you. We had a blast and enjoyed getting to debut a new line of products we’re super excited about.

    What’s New!

    Let’s first chat about what’s not newour 2014 pricing. No price changes for 2014! How happy are you?! As for our new products, below is a summary of new products that will be available in mid-April. Additional details coming soon.

    Matted Folios

    New, beautiful 2-sided 5×7 folios! The perfect gift for parents, family members, portrait clients and the like. Stock up on these Matted Folios and slip-in a couple 5×7 prints before your viewing session for an instant sale.

    Matted Folio Albums

    Complimenting our Matted Folios, these beautiful 4×6 slip-in albums come in sizes from 6 to 12 mats and use the finest quality ragmat matboard. They could not be better suited for portrait sessions of all kinds. The images are inserted manually giving you the option of pre-ordering several to keep in your studio, drastically cutting down production time on your end. By having them in studio, you could offer them to your clients on the spot. Matted Folio Albums may be a great option if your clients are not looking for a fully designed album but still want a beautiful way to display their images.

    Wooden Presentation Boxes

    Gorgeous wooden boxes made from beautiful walnut wood, featuring dovetail joints, include the option for staining or natural, as well as laser etching on the top lid. These high-end presentation boxes are perfect for albums, prints or matted prints and are handmade right here at our production facility.

    New Coastal Linens

    So many of our coastal photographers were asking for softer, lighter fabric colors. We heard your cry! We’re excited to announce 12 new fabrics we’re calling Coastal Linens. Not only are these perfect for our coastal clients or really any wedding or portrait session, but they are also the perfect addition to our Matted Folios and Matted Folio Albums.

    Also coming soon…

    • White linen endsheets
    • Semi-matte paper
    • New upgraded fabric albums for better hinge definition and debossing clarity

    We can’t wait to get these new products into your hands! If you haven’t already, be sure you register with us so that you can see pricing information when it comes available in the coming weeks.

Gorgeous Japanese Silk Album from Diane

Diane recently blogged about her gorgeous new 9×12 japanese silk album.  Here are some photos from her blog.


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