2022 Holiday Deadlines

Here at RedTree, we see a large influx of orders during the final weeks leading up to the holidays. Due to this seasonal demand, our holiday production schedule goes into effect on December 1.

Past December 1, our guarantee is delivery by December 24. All orders placed between December 1 and 6, in addition to orders placed between December 7 and 13 with the added RUSH upgrade*, will arrive to their shipping address by this time.

We recommend placing orders early and opting to drop-ship directly to your client, as deliveries could arrive as late as Christmas Eve Day. Supply chain disruptions and transit delays are possible.

*Note: RUSH upgrade pricing is listed below. This option is not available for Walnut Boxes, Hardcover Books, or Matted Print Boxes.

Albums: $100

Fabric Album Boxes: $75

Matted Folio Albums: $50

Matted Folios: $25

Matted Prints: $25