RedTree Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed for life.  We make everything by hand and although sometimes we do make mistakes, we stand behind our products. If there is ever an issue with workmanship, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Turnaround Time

Most of our products will ship within 2-4 weeks.  Wood boxes require additional production time and ship within 4-6 weeks.

RUSH Service

We offer RUSH services on our flushmount albums.  For an additional fee, we will have your album out the door in 7 business days (RUSH fee is per album). We do not offer RUSH services on our other products.

Sample Discounts

Sample flushmount albums are 25% off.  Select the button on the album order form that says “This is a sample album.”  Please know that all samples have SAMPLE ALBUM debossed on the back cover. For this reason, we don’t allow samples to also have studio debossing.  We do not offer sample discounts on our other products.


Shipping Costs

We offer $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States. For international shipping, pricing will be calculated during checkout. Contact us for custom quotes.

Note: Due to our new flat rate shipping, we can no longer combine shipping on separate orders.

Drop Ship To Client

To drop ship an order directly to your client, simply change the shipping address in checkout. We do not include invoices or receipts in any shipments.

Designing Spreads

Software & Resources

Visit our Album Design page to learn about our in-house design service, and the software we recommend for those interested in designing albums themselves.

Color Management

Please design all spreads on a calibrated monitor using the sRGB colorspace.

To check color accuracy, order test prints from the materials tab on our Shop page.

Trim Margins

During production, we may have to trim as much as 1/4 inch off your design. Please setup trim lines (guide lines) in your design program so you don’t put anything important near those trim lines. If your photo is not flush to the edge, we recommend it being at least one inch away from the edge.

Adobe InDesign Users

We believe InDesign CS6 has fixed a common artifact issue when exporting as JPGs. If you don’t have CS6, we recommend updating. If you’d rather not upgrade, the best method is to export your design as a high quality PDF. Then in Adobe Acrobat, export the PDF pages as JPGs. A bit of a hassle, but previous versions of InDesign had issues with exporting as JPGs. We’ll do our best to inspect and catch these before printing, but ultimately you are liable for the quality you send us.

Flushmount Albums

Print & Bind

We do all of our printing and binding in-house, therefore we cannot bind prints from other labs. We do however guarantee you will love the quality of our archival prints.

Creased Spreads & Pink/Blue Lines

All of our albums are creased to preserve the beauty of full spread designs. We print on fuji crystal archive paper which does tend to handle the pink/blue lines better than Kodak. However, any kind of photographic paper that is creased will show some wear. Even split-spread books will wear over time. If you are overly concerned about the crease, the best way to avoid crease wear is to design layouts that don’t have images or backgrounds overlapping the crease. You’ll never see discoloration or crease wear that way.

Thickness / Number of Spreads

We allow a max of 50 spreads. Our standard page thickness is a little over 1mm. However, if you use more than 30 spreads, we use a slightly thinner substrate between the spreads. We do this to make room for extra spreads without compromising the quality of the album.

Debossing Options

We offer custom debossing, standard debossing and studio logo debossing on flushmount albums. Learn more about each option on our Customizations Guide.

Mini Albums


For square albums, minis are roughly 6×6. If the album is rectangular, the mini will be rectangular and will vary based on width/height ratios.

Cover Options

Minis are scaled-down replicas of your flushmount album. They will have the same layout and cover as the larger album. Cameos and debossing are not available.

Ordering Minis After Album

During album production, we are able to use scraps from your flushmount album to make Minis from the same order. If you would like to order Minis of an album that was previously ordered, there will be a small up-charge to cover materials. Please Contact Us to place the order.

Matted Folios


Our folio products are available in 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 5×5 & 8×8. The size of the product reflects the actual print size it holds. True dimensions of entire folio will be a couple inches larger due to the mats and covers.

Note that about 1/4″ margin on the print will be covered by the edges of the mat. We recommend keeping important elements of the photo at least a 1/2″ from the edge.

Matted Folios are available in bifold, trifold and quad-fold.  Thus, the folios will hold 2, 3 or 4 prints.

Matted Folio Albums include 6 mats, so it holds 6 prints. You can add mats in groups of two for up to 14 prints.


Choose Do-It-Yourself printing and you will receive an empty folio.  Then, order prints from your favorite lab and slip them into the mats.

Choose RedTree Print & Assemble in order to upload your files and have us print and assemble the folio in-house so that you receive a finished product.

Hardcover Books

Spreads & Design

Our hardcover books feature magazine-style pages (not lay-flat). When designing your hardcover layout, note that up to 3/4″ of design can be lost to each side of the gutter.

Visit our Album Design page to learn about our in-house design service, and the software we recommend for DIY design.

Debossing Options

We offer standard debossing and studio debossing on hardcover books. There is a slight price increase for debossing services on books versus flushmount albums (due to the lower price of books as a whole).

Custom debossing is only available on our flushmount albums.

Learn more from our article Debossing 101.


Studio Die

With the one time purchase of a die of your logo, we will keep your studio die in-house, and you can choose to brand the back cover your albums and books with your logo, for free… forever. All other RedTree products can be personalized with a studio die for a fee. Learn on our Customizations page.

To purchase a studio die, select studio die under the miscellaneous products in our Shop.

To prepare your logo to be made into a studio die, download our Studio Die Template, convert your logo to black and white, make sure it is 300 DPI, and size it to the exact size you would like it to be on the album. Note: square dies generally look best at 2×2 inches and rectangular dies look best at 2×3 inches.

Cover Materials & Shifting Dyelots

Occasionally our fabric and leather manufacturers have dyelots that can shift slightly in color. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering a swatch kit. However, even with a swatch kit, colors may still shift. If you ever have any concern about precisely matching color, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

By selecting to use RedTree, you agree that we have the right to refuse an order that includes objectionable or offensive material that might offend our employees and the general public. This does not include boudoir or tasteful nudity. We have a women-only production staff that handles all boudoir orders and we take your privacy very seriously.

RedTree is not liable for mistakes with regards to your album spread design or the options selected for the products you’ve ordered.

Once your album is submitted, you have 60 minutes to make any changes. After 60 minutes, we most likely have already begun production and this order cannot be changed or canceled. It is possible that if you ordered in the evening or on the weekend that your order may not yet be in production until the following business day morning. Please contact us asap if this is the case.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will make it right or provide a refund. Our products are handcrafted and we stand behind them for life.