Album Design Service

Album Design Service

Photos by Erika Delgado

1. Send Hi-Res Files

2. Review Your Design

3. Approve & Get Credit

4. Order Your Album

direct proofing

direct proofing

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How are the photos arranged?

Choose chronological or non-sequential. For chronological, we will arrange the images according to their filenames. Be sure to name your files accordingly. For non-sequential layouts, we will arrange the images based on aesthetic elements such as lighting, tonality, composition, etc.

How long is the design & revision process?

Your initial design will be ready within 3 business days. You will have the option to make two rounds of revisions; each updated proof will be ready in 2 business days once you’ve submitted revisions. Once you give the final approval, the design process is complete and you are ready to order your album.

Note: Designs and revisions must be approved within 6 months from the original order date. If you approve the design within 30 days, you will receive a $25 album credit. After 6 months, the design project will be archived and may be reopened for an additional fee.

What's the difference between layflat & magazine layouts?

Layflat designs have panoramic spreads with images that span the center crease (designed for use with our Albums). Magazine-style layouts do not have any images that span the center of the spread (designed for use with our Books).

Can my clients proof the design without knowing it's from RedTree?

Absolutely. Our design proofs are delivered digitally via SmartAlbums Cloud Proofing. The RedTree name will not be visible anywhere during proofing.

How many photos should I send for the design?

We recommend an average of 3.5 photos per spread. So if you want a 20 spread album, submit about 70 images.

How should I submit my photos?

Please save your images as high resolution JPGs using the sRGB colorspace. Then, upload your files to a sharing platform such as Dropbox, Pixieset, ShootProof, or a similar webiste. Finally, generate a share link to include in your order form so that we can download the images.

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