Personalize your covers with standard debossing, custom debossing, or with one of the semi-custom designs from our Debossing Collection.


RedTree Cameo Window Example

Make an incredible first impression, and offer a peak inside your RedTree Albums (limited to this product) with a cameo window on your cover.

Studio Dies

RedTree Studio Dies

After the one time purchase, we will keep your studio die in-house, and you can brand the back cover your albums and books with your logo, for free.


Choose from one of our three debossing tiers to personalize your covers. Our default style for each tier is blind debossing, meaning no color or foil is added to the impression. Foil debossing is available in gold, rose gold, and silver on our Luxe Linen, Classic Linen, Luxe Leather, Vegan Leather, and Vegan Suede covers (not Fabric or Leather covers).

Standard Debossing

Standard debossing is our base-level debossing option. We offer 14 fonts and five placement options. You can choose up to two lines of phrasing. When placing your order, type eXacTly what you want us to deboss – we can accommodate all caps, all lowercase, or a combination of the two.

Note: Certain characters are not possible to deboss, and we will notify you of any issues. Also, the previews below are not to scale. For an accurate size depiction, please contact our team for a cover mock-up.


RedTree Debossing Collection

With the RedTree Debossing Collection, you can offer 16 semi-custom designs for your covers without needing to do any design work before placing an order. Options include script fonts, bold fonts, and various unique design elements.

Unlike Standard Debossing, which is case sensitive, Debossing Collection designs will appear exactly as the designs are presented (all caps, all lowercase, etc.). To request a special accommodation regarding case sensitivity, or a change to any design, please inquire with our team when placing your order.

Note: The designs featuring small text, or intricate details below do not appear well on our Standard Leather covers. Also, certain characters are not available in some fonts. Please reach out to our team for more information.

RedTree Debossing Design Collection #1
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #2
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #3
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #4
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #5
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #6
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #7
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #8
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #9
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #10
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #11
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #12
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #13
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #14
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #15
RedTree Debossing Design Collection #2

Custom Debossing

For a truly unique cover, you can create a custom die for each cover on your own, using your favorite design program (Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, etc.). This is a great way to use the same font or design elements used in your branding, or for couples who have custom design elements from their wedding (invitations, programs, et al.). We offer two sizes for custom debossing – small designs measure 4 in w x 2 in h and large designs measure 7 in w ×3 in h – and five placement options.

Browse our favorite fonts and design elements available for purchase online to build your own custom design in Photoshop. Get started on creating a new design by downloading our Photoshop design templates.

RedTree Albums Custom Debossing examples

Debossing Placement

Debossing Sample Placement - Center
Debossing Sample Placement - Top Center
Top Center
Debossing Sample Placement - Bottom Center
Bottom Center
Debossing Sample Placement - Bottom Right
Bottom Right
Debossing Sample Placement - Sideways Right Center
Sideways Right Center

Debossing FAQ


Our albums & books are debossed by hand. This gives us complete control in every situation. Materials react differently to various fonts and custom designs, and our handcrafted process allows us to tailor each album impression.

Debossing Appearance

Debossing appears differently on many covers, and some materials deboss better than others. Black materials, Standard Leathers, and some Fabric materials do not reveal as visible of an impression (this is most noticeable on Charcoal, Suede Noir, Storm, Winter White, and Almond). Luxe Leathers show a slightly darker tone in areas that are debossed (this is primarily seen on Alpine). We do not recommend debossing on Almond or blind debossing on Onyx Luxe Linen. 

If you have questions about any cover or debossing combination, reach out to our team for help. Cover mock-ups are available for $50.

Debossing Placement

Our debossing impressions are optically aligned, meaning optical compensation is used to ensure every die appears visually centered and balanced to the viewer’s eye. If dies were placed exactly centered, they would appear visually off-centered. So, vertical placement is made slightly higher than center (when center-center is selected) and horizontal placement is determined by the cover material. All linen, suede, and fabric covers have distinct spines so horizontal placement is made as closely to the center as possibe. Leather albums, on the other hand, have less distinct spines, so horizontal placement is made to the left of center on the cover board.

When handling custom dies that are uneven or include long scripts or tails, our debossing team makes even more detailed calculations to achieve the appearance of being visually centered.

Custom Debossing Designs

The best Custom Debossing designs are made from clean, clear lines. Please avoid painterly designs, and they can come across as messy and muddy. And, be cautious when using extra thin fonts, as they can be difficult to read on materials with more texture.

Debossing Text Length

Be mindful of the size of your album relative to the length of your debossing text. Lengthy text may look great on a 12×12 album, but overbearing on an 8×8 album. Leaving some negative space on your cover is important, just like an album spread.

Using Cameos and Debossing Simultaneously

Keep it simple. Using cameos and debossing simultaneously can sometimes be distracting. When choosing to use them together, please reference the placement options for both debossing and cameo windows. If you have questions, please contact us to discuss what it is you have in mind.

Studio Debossing

With the one-time purchase of a die of your logo, we will keep your studio die in-house, and you can choose to brand the back cover of your RedTree and Fine Art albums with your logo, for free… forever. All other RedTree products can be personalized with a studio die for a $10 fee.

To order a studio die, you can start by converting your logo to black and white (with black being the area that will be debossed). Size it to the exact size you would like it to be on the album, and ensure it is 300 DPI.  We recommend square logos to be sized at 2″w x 2″h and rectangular dies to be sized at 3″w x 2″h. The absolute max height we can accommodate is 2.5″.

For easy sizing, download our Photoshop design templates below. Once your design is ready, you can upload your studio die as a high-resolution JPG.

Cameo Windows

Cameos are a simple and affordable way to upgrade your RedTree Album covers (limited to this product). Selecting the right photo and matching color tones on the cover can make for an incredible first impression. View cameo window placement options here.