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Justin DeMutiis is one wedding photographer – whose work has been featured by Brides Magazine, The Knot, Weddings Illustrated, and Weddings Unveiled – who yields 30k in album sales annually. He says, “albums add value to my clients, act as an advertisement to all of their friends and families, and improve my bottom line. On average, album sales increase each of my collections by 30%, and bring in an additional $30k in revenue per year.” Below is his approach to streamlining album sales.

The Art of Album Sales



Let them see a finished product – the beautiful materials and craftsmanship of sample albums from RedTree sell themselves – and show exactly what you hope to sell. If your goal is to sell more 10×10 albums, you need an 8×8, a 10×10, and especially a 12×12 album. When Starbucks introduced the Trenta size, their sales of their original large size, Venti, grew substantially. The 12×12 album option will increase sales of your 10×10s; and will allow a client who loves big prints and wants nothing but the biggest and best… to have a more expensive option.



The biggest enemy of sales is overwhelming the client. In an album planning/sales session, I limit what I show (only square for me, but that might mean only vertical to you), and I limit the materials and cover customization options and give guidance. If you are professional and confident, and have samples in person, the client will likely buy whatever you suggest.



Create an efficient system for your design process. While I love designing albums myself, I have an in-house editor/designer that designs all my albums, and I come in to proof them and make changes before the client receive their design. This allows me to get albums in clients hands 4-6 weeks after their wedding.


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