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Solutions and Inspiration for Growing Your Business with Album Sales

Prints and albums have the potential to change everything for your business – they can better your client experience and elevate the perception of your brand, all while generating revenue far beyond the income you can bring in from shooting alone. There is no “one-way” to do sales, but there are a number of methods that have proven to be most effective, with profits ranging from $30,000 to $1,000,000.

Learn from some of RedTree’s very own, with exclusive interviews available only to you, here.

Featured Photographers

RedTree Albums Interview with Clark Brewer

Clark Brewer

Clark Brewer is a destination wedding photographer who designed an online sales experience for his out-of-town clients. Since doing so, he has earned an extra $40k every year.

Learn about his unique approach to wedding photography, and how it impacts his view of albums and album sales.

RedTree Albums Interview with Brittany Elise

Brittany Elise

Since transitioning from digital delivery to in-person sales, Brittany Anderson cut back on her shooting volume and quadrupled her newborn and family photography income.

She now coaches both new and seasoned photographers through print and album sales, and she gives us an exclusive look into her approach here.


Explore our short form how-to videos to learn more about designing a custom RedTree Album.

How to create a RedTree Custom Die

How-To Design a Custom Die

You can personalize the cover of any RedTree product with Standard Debossing, using one of our fourteen in-house fonts. Or, for a truly unique cover, you can upgrade to Custom Debossing and create a special die on your own.

How to create a RedTree studio

How-To Create a Studio Die

Don’t miss the opportunity to add your logo to the back of every RedTree product you share. After placing your one-time-order for your die, Studio Debossing is available for FREE on all albums, and for a small fee on other products.

Tools & Resources

Explore RedTree’s tools and resources for tailoring your in-person sales documents and online product information to match your brand.

Swatch Kit

Custom Swatch Kit

Custom Swatch Kit

Album Price Calculator

Digital Swatch Boards

Digital Swatch Boards

Debossing Examples

Product Photos

See our full list of downloads for additional resources like standard debossing examples, custom debossing templates, studio die templates and more.