Paper & Printing

Each paper type has been thoughtfully selected and every process used for mounting and binding has been diligently tested to ensure that your albums, books, and boxes will stand the test of time.

Curious how your images will print on our paper? Paper samples and test prints are available in our Shop here.

Photographic Printing

Paper: Semi-Matte & Lustre

This process, which is also referred to as Chromogenic Printing or C-41 printing, is much like old-school darkroom style printing. A digital image is projected onto light-sensitive, silver halide paper, and an archival photographic print is created when the paper is developed using photo chemistry. Our Semi-Matte has a smooth texture and a nearly matte finish, and Lustre has a subtle pebbled surface and a soft sheen.

RedTree Albums photographic paper types
Brittany Elise

Fine Art Printing

Papers: Giclée Matte, Hahnemühle Bright White, and Hahnemühle Museum Etching

Also known as Giclée printing or inkjet printing, this is the process of painting ink onto the surface of natural fiber paper. The colorgamut is wider, which creates a more detailed image. Our Giclée Matte option is a true flat matte paper, Hahnemühle Bright White is 100% cotton with a subtle texture, and Hahnemühle Museum Etching has a warmer tone and deeper texture.

RedTree Albums fine art paper types
Alex Mari

Press Printing

Papers: Smooth Matte and Eggshell

Designed with production speed and volume in mind, press printing presses full images onto paper, using a collection of microscopic droplets of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). Our Smooth Matte paper is available for those who prefer a magazine style sheen, and Eggshell, which is recycled paper, has a matte texture and is more fitting for those who prefer a Fine Art look.

Terri Baskin