Meet the Team – Woodworking

Name & Job: Jeremy, Woodworker

What brought you here? I’m a 28 year old artist from Louisiana. I moved to Louisville on a whim in 2013 because of a long time friend, and I love it here.

What’s your favorite book?
Ender’s Game

On a typical weekend, you could be found doing what?
You can find me in the Red River Gorge climbing, camping, and enjoying nature.

If you were a tree, what would you be?
I would be an oak tree. Oak trees are one of the strongest trees around. Plus they’re really fun to climb.

What should photographers know about the wooden presentation boxes?
Each and every single box is its own unique work of art. Each box is crafted through the same process but takes on a unique life through hand sanding.

What do you like about working for RedTree?
I love using my hands and creativity to create beautiful lasting works of art. At RedTree, our products create a wonderful feeling in those who receive them. We give them something that is unique and hand crafted with the utmost of care that will last for generations. The idea that something I create will warm homes and carry memories for generations, brings tremendous value to my work here.