Summer Sample Sale

If albums are important and you want to sell more of them, frequent exposure is crucial. According to the rule of seven, your clients might need to see your products seven times before making a purchase.

Order new samples and share them on your website, social media platforms, during video calls, and in-person meetings. See the difference it makes in your sales when you show your products early and often.





The Samples. Don’t try to sell an idea, sell the real thing. Let your clients feel the album and experience what it is like to hold one in their hands.

The Discount. Sample albums are 40% off and sample matted products are 20% off through June 30. Use code SUMMER24 at check-out.




Add to Your Income. Albums can easily add $40k or more in revenue annually. When you want to increase your income but your time feels limited, booked with shoots and editing, you can look to product sales.

Broaden Your Reach. This is a product for sharing. An effective way to reach more clients is to leave sample albums with venues and vendors so they can recommend your work with tangible examples.




Use Your Favorites. Most of the work is already done. You have the content, now it’s time to curate it. A couple options we recommend are to pick a favorite wedding (or shoot) you’ve done OR create a collection of all your favorite work to showcase.

“But I Don’t Have Time.” That’s okay, we can help. We offer in-house design services starting at $49.

“But I Don’t Know Where to Start.” Contact our team. You can reach us by phone, email, and chat. For in-depth conversations, we’re also available for video calls by appointment.